Level+ LCM Series

Multi-Stage Level Controller With Cellular Network Interface for Pumping Applications

Easy-To-Use And Install Level Controller Offers ‘Peace Of Mind’

Connect your pump systems to the maintenance department cell phones!

The Level+ Controller

The LCM Series Level Controllers are for multi-stage pump applications where alarm and service notifications are sent directly to maintenance personnel via the on-board cellular network interface. There are several models to meet your specific site requirements.

Level+ Features

  • Easy configuration of on and off levels for each stage
  • Option to rotate Lead and Lag for even pump wear
  • Accumulation of pump run-hours
  • 4-20ma or 0-10V level sensor input types
  • Option for redundant hi/low level float switches
  • Optional inputs for pump motor winding over temp and pump seal failure
  • Timely delivery of alarm and service notifications via text message to your maintenance department cell phones
  • Configure up to three cell phone numbers to be sent notifications
  • Remotely acknowledge alarms and query system status (actual level, pump run-hours, etc.)
  • No programming necessary.
  • Made in the USA!
The Level+ Unit

The Level+ Unit


The LCM Series Controllers are easy-to-use and convenient tools to control level and monitor status for many pumping applications. These controls also warn your maintenance personnel of irregular conditions and when pump maintenance is due by sending detailed text messages to their cell phones.

Available Models:

a – number of stages (1 or 2)
b – sensor input type (V = 0 -10V, A = 4-20ma)
c – on-board cellular interface (1 = Yes, 0 = No)
d – display type (M = black/white, C = Color)

(12) 24VDC discrete inputs
(3) 24VDC discrete outputs
(1) Analog input of either 0-10V or 4-20ma

No need to worry about unattended machinery!

No need to worry about unattended machinery!

General Specifications:

Controller requires 24VDC power at approximately 1 amp -10°C to 60°C operating temperature extremes

Cellular Messaging:

Two-way communication between user and controller
Optional alive-and-well notifications for cellular network connection
Remotely acknowledge alarm conditions
Configurable site name is included in all messages sent from the controller
Cellular network connection can be provided from Wortman Controls at a reasonable annual fee.

Operator Interface:

3.5” Touch-screen
Black/white or color screen options
Intuitive configuration screens
Help screens included

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