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Helping your business reach its goals

The business world changes constantly. For companies to remain competitive, they need to be more nimble than ever. Let Wortman Controls assist you with the design and troubleshooting of your automated equipment and industrial controls.


Listen.  Analyze. Propose. Listen again. Implement. Document. Follow-up.

Commitment to results

When we work with you, we roll up our sleeves and become your business partner.


We have extensive experience in the field of industrial controls and automation.

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Bring my expertise to your business

We offer a range of industrial controls services–all designed to help your company reach its potential. Whether you’re looking for a small tweak, an upgrade, or controls for a new process, we can help.


Reasonable daily or hourly rates


Emergency service


Firm bids on defined scopes


Partnering with mechanical designer and equipment installers for complete equipment solutions

We offer consulting for


Start ups


Small businesses


Medium and large businesses


Public and private companies


Service companies


Manufacturing companies


Global companies

Our News

January 2018 Newsletter

Productivity Ideas for 2018 This newsletter will throw out some productivity ideas for your 2018 budgeting. And of course, the ideas will involve some sort of an application of industrial controls.  The article will focus more on the why, than on the how.  Please...

October 2017 Newsletter

In our March 2014 issue of UnderControl, the discussion focused on when it made sense to upgrade industrial control systems. The reasons to upgrade include obsolescence, expensive/unavailable spares, requirements to standardize on a control platform, and the...

March 2017 Newsletter

Do you experience multiple or lengthy equipment downtime events when your industrial control systems fail?   Maybe you have seemingly simple issues that keep your machinery down for days.  Or you have the same issue over and over again without final resolution.  If...

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