Alert+ RMS00124

Remote Message System For Industrial Or Remote Applications, Connecting Machines To Your Maintenance Cell Phones! 

Easy-To-Use Controller With Cellular Network Interface Offers ‘Peace Of Mind’

The Alert+ RMS00124 Controller


The RMS00124 Alert+is an easy-to-use messaging system that will send out cell phone text messages to maintenance personnel when machinery requires service. If you have remotely installed equipment, a facility that is sometimes unoccupied, or no tolerance for non-value-added maintenance efforts; the RMS00124 can contribute to your ‘peace of mind’.

  • The user interface allows for messaging configurations tailored to your specific needs
  • An on-board cellular modem provides the connection to a cellular network
  • Inputs for discrete alarm inputs and analog alarm inputs
  • Simple connection to most equipment
  • Two-way communication with the capability to receive and process status requests
  • Features that save the expense of unnecessary text messages
  • Daily or Weekly ‘alive-and-well’ status
  • Control hardware is Made in America
  • No programming skills required for setup

Over View:

The Alert+ RMS00124 Unit

The RMS00124 is an easy-to-use and convenient tool to monitor machine status and then warn of irregular conditions using cell phone text messaging. It connects your machine to your maintenance cell phones.

General Specifications:

  • 24VDC @ 130 ma steady state, 1a power supply is adequate
  • -10 ̊C to 60 ̊C operating temperature
  • DC input impedance 10 k Ω
  • Relay max current 3a @ 250 VAC resistive per output


  • On-board cellular modem; includes an antenna
  • SIM card and cell network access are available separately
  • Two-way communication capability

Operator Interface:

  • 3.5” Touch-screen interface
  • Intuitive configuration screens

    No need to worry about unattended machinery!

    No need to worry about unattended machinery!

Discrete Alarm Notification:

  • (12) 24VDC discrete inputs to monitor machine alarm conditions
  • Selectable Hi or Lo alarm state
  • Custom message entry – 20 characters max
  • Remote and local acknowledging

Analog Alarm Notification:

  • (4) 4-20ma analog inputs to monitor machine alarm conditions
  • Configurable scaling and alarm limits
  • Custom message entry – 20 characters max
  • Remote and local acknowledging

Status Querying:

  • Receives user initiated text message requests for discrete/analog alarm status

Other Key Features:

  • Configurable delays before notification and reminders
  • Configurable max messages per day
  • Configurable site name is attached to all messages
  • Several help screens assist with proper application
  • Controller hardware is Made in the USA!

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