If you have remotely installed equipment, a facility that is sometimes unoccupied, or no tolerance for non-value-added maintenance efforts, Wortman Controls Alert+ products can contribute to your ‘peace of mind’.

The Alert+ RMS00124, Alert+ RMS06064 and Level+ are easy-to-use machine-to-machine (M2M) messaging systems; they send out cell phone text messages to maintenance personnel when machinery requires service due to alarm conditions or routine maintenance. This product line is a great alternative to current auto dialer or alarm dialer technology. The products are very flexible and adaptable and you will be pleasantly surprised at the value they offer.

Features and functionality include:

  • A user interface allows for messaging configurations tailored to your specific needs.RMS00124-0-control-panel
  • An on-board GSM modem provides the connection to a cellular network
  • Multiple discrete and analog inputs
  • Two-way communication with the capability to receive and process status requests
  • Features that save the expense of unnecessary text messages
  • Daily or Weekly ‘alive-and-well’ status
  • User help screens to assist with proper use

No additional programming software or programming interface is required.


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